Johnny Tan, Award-Winning Author

Johnny Tan, Award-Winning Author and Talk Show Host

“Love and Fear Caught up in the Discomforts of life. The Collectibles gives the reader a unique perspective of life because it provides a window into what people value and why they value it. Two very unlikely people meet in a most unlikely way. Preston Wilson emerges from affluence, having never learned the meaning of earning his way. This leads him into trouble. His counterpart, Joe Hart, was an orphan, mentored by his uncle, and grew up in a working class family. Joe struggled to attain an education, subsequently overcoming all obstacles to be an attorney.Joe crossed paths with Preston the first time around as teenagers when he saved Preston’s life. In in cycle of life, when Preston found himself in all sorts of trouble, he learned that Joe had become a successful attorney and seek him as a legal counsel. Joe agreed to represent Preston on the condition that he would return a favor in the future.

When Joe came to collect the debt Preston promised to pay, Preston was surprised to learn the unusual nature of Joe’s request. Preston must acquaint himself and earn the trust of a group of people Joe had befriended. For the first time, Preston faced the compromise of his life.

The book is about living life, the power of human relationships and how people sort out obligations. The author’s first book is easy reading. James Kaufman is an attorney, former judge, and a successful businessman. He write an intense tale that forces one to reflect on the meaning of his own life. It’s a substantial book that teaches us a valuable lesson in life. When we allow our love to exceed our fear, then harmony will follow in everything we do. A must read for those seeking to understand the human power deep within us.” Jemila Ericson, host, Morning Music and Midday Cafe, WHQR

“The Collectibles is the first novel written by James Kaufman and I hope it will not be the last. I was spellbound by this book. It has so many themes, and is so powerfully drawn of personal integrity, and compassion and honesty and friendship… and a very deep kind of love where you really accept people just as they are. I highly recommend it.”

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