Deborah Haupt

Deborah Haupt – High Expectations Exceeded!

When I finished The Collectibles, I knew I’d read a book I would never forget, and I could not wait for Book Two of the Trilogy. I pre-ordered it, and I read it the minute it came. My expectations were high –and I was not disappointed. In fact, it was even better.

I love Katherine Kelly, the young investigative journalist the author introduces. I’m a mother with a grown daughter of my own, and I could totally relate to the love a mother feels together with her hope that her daughter will be happy. Katherine reminded me of my daughter–smart, energetic, and a bit of a bulldog. The writing is wonderful; you can see the scenes and all the characters are compelling. I felt that I knew them personally. I was also amazed at the journey Katherine was on in her search for the truth and her real father. What a timely book. Don’t let this one go by. I can’t wait for Book Three!