The Concealers

Book two of the Collectibles Trilogy

Katherine Kelly’s mentor says she has the makings of a good reporter, but to be great, she must learn to find the emotional core of a story and not hold back in its telling. Then he suggests one last grad school assignment: find someone who has influenced her family and tell that story.

Katherine decides to pursue the only family story that has eluded her all her life: the identity of the father she never knew. Her mother, knowing her persistent daughter won’t stop until she gets the truth, breaks her years of silence and makes the call she always swore she would never make.

The reality of her father stands in stark contrast to the father of her dreams, and Katherine realizes she must decide for herself who her father really is: the guardian of a group of wounded souls he calls “The Collectibles,” the attentive father of a newly discovered daughter, the person of interest in a bank fraud investigation . . . or a little of all three.
Blood is deeper than principle, or so she is told. And a great journalist follows a story wherever it leads. It’s Katherine’s call, and only she can make it.


Concealers Review 1

Deborah Haupt – High Expectations Exceeded!

When I finished The Collectibles, I knew I’d read a book I would never forget, and I could not wait for Book Two of the Trilogy. I pre-ordered it, and I read it the minute it came. My expectations were high –and I was not disappointed. In fact, it was even better.

I love Katherine Kelly, the young investigative journalist the author introduces. I’m a mother with a grown daughter of my own, and I could totally relate to the love a mother feels together with her hope that her daughter will be happy. Katherine reminded me of my daughter–smart, energetic, and a bit of a bulldog. The writing is wonderful; you can see the scenes and all the characters are compelling. I felt that I knew them personally. I was also amazed at the journey Katherine was on in her search for the truth and her real father. What a timely book. Don’t let this one go by. I can’t wait for Book Three!